The American Music Awards 2013: 14 Things You Didn’t See On TV

Justin Timberlake accepts Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist award onstage during the 2013 American Music Awards on November 24, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In between Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and One Direction racking in their American Music Awards, we were entertained by captivating performances at this year’s show – Katy Perry in a geisha outfit, Lady Gaga and R. Kelly in the Oval Office, and Miley Cyrus and her lip synching kitten. Here are 14 things you didn’t see on TV at this year’s award show:

• Gaga Makes Her Move: Lady Gaga made her red carpet entrance perched upon a white mechanical horse. She entered the carpet just before show time, when things were winding down. Reporters abandoned their interviews, celebrities stopped talking, and fans dropped their jaws as she quietly passed by. The fire marshal did not seem too thrilled.

• A Red Carpet Serenade: James Durbin found a way to make his presence on the red carpet known. Armed with an acoustic guitar, the "American Idol" Season 10 contestant walked up and down the carpet, playing his freshly released single “Parachute” for anyone who would listen. At one point, he taught the lyrics to several reporters and fans who engaged in a massive sing-a-long session, which inspired one of the Jabbawockeez to break dance. It gave our eardrums a pleasant rest in between the high-pitched screams for One Direction and Katy Perry.

• A Rock Star Butt Pinch: Joan Jett just got finished saying she hadn’t seen Dave Grohl in ages, then spotted him on the carpet, ran up and pinched him in the butt mid-interview. Later a reporter asked her if she had any One Direction songs in her iPod. She said, “No” but said she’d give then a listen tonight and would not be opposed to downloading some of their tunes if she liked their AMA performance.

• A Very Toned-Down Miley: When asked, Miley Cyrus was the most anticipated star that fans wanted to see on the carpet. Everyone was wondering, “What is she wearing?” When she walked by, she was adorned in a classy white pantsuit, with nothing underneath the jacket of course… but it was apparently father friendly as she grabbed Billy Ray Cyrus for a hug before making her way into the theater. Her under-the-radar carpet attire made the lip synching kitten during her performance, even more of a shocker.

• Droppin’ Black Panties… R. Kelly was in good spirits when Billboard caught up with him on the red carpet. He’s been a busy man lately, collaborating with Lady Gaga on “Do What U Want,” appearing on a remix of Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla,” and hooking up with Justin Bieber for a new track as well. Of course, Kellz has his own album coming out, “Black Panties,” due Dec. 10. Billboard poked fun at the title, asking if he named it just so he could say, “’Black Panties’ is dropping.” He replied that he had contemplated naming the set “Black Lingerie,” but ultimately settled on “Panties.”

• Name Dropping The Single: As Jennifer Hudson walked down the carpet tonight, reporters and fans screamed out her name in desperate attempt at catching her attention. Occasionally she’d look over at her audience and playfully shout out “I Can’t Describe,” as if to appear overwhelmed by the attention she was receiving. Billboard made the connection that this was the name of her new single and said “Work that single girl!” She flashed us a smile.

• Taylor Gets Her Thank-You In: After Taylor Swift presented Justin Timberlake with the award for Favorite Male Artist – Pop/Rock, the duo walked off stage together. Right as the broadcast cut to commercial, you could see Swift starting to say, “Oh my God. Thank you so…” As they headed backstage it appeared that she was finally getting a chance to thank him for being part of her Pinnacle Awards presentation at the recent CMA Awards. Backstage with Billboard, she was happily surprised that we put two and two together.

• JT Can’t Wave Right Now! Following his third AMA win of the evening, Timberlake appeared in the photo room clutching his three AMA awards. The photographers started going crazy asking him to wave. He was snickering because he couldn’t juggle the awards and wave at the same time. After a good laugh fest, he finally handed an award to his publicist and gave a tiny wave before exiting the stage.

• One Direction’s Fans Of All Ages: A giant crowd formed as One Direction was backstage celebrating their AMA win and getting their photos taken in the press room. A middle-aged woman took her love for the band a bit too far as we overheard a security guard approach her and say, “Ma’am you’re making me nervous. I’d feel much better if you stood on this side of the line.”

• Squashing Hologram Rumors: TLC came backstage into the pressroom following their performance and mingled with press. When asked if the rumors of having a hologram of Left Eye join them on stage were true, the group quickly shot it down. “There’s always been a rumor,” said Chili. It will happen “in the month of Nevuary,” added T-Boz, who explained that though the group has thought about it, performing with the hologram is something they aren’t ready to do. “Emotionally it’s not something we can deal with. That’s just too much right now.”

• An Under-The-Radar Wanted Singer: Ariana Grande was hopping from press outlet to press outlet backstage in her slinky red sequined dress with her freshly-blonde hair. Meanwhile her boyfriend Nathan Sykes of the Wanted was keeping a low profile, working a simple – yet seasonally appropriate sweater. It was cool to see Sykes just chilling, supporting his lady on her big AMA-winning night and not partaking in the media frenzy.

• Luke Bryan’s Pelvis Gets Approval: When Luke Bryan won for Favorite Male Artist - Country, he looked at his wife in the crowd and said, “Thanks for letting me shake it a little bit out there on the road." Speaking of shaking it, during his performance of “That’s My Kind of Night,” Bryan whipped out his Elvis-worthy moves, which included a few hip thrusts. Meanwhile, Florida Georgia Line was backstage watching him perform on the teleprompter during their interview with Billboard. The duo cheered in appreciation of the performance.

• From Pizza Delivery Man To Rock star: Dave Grohl spent time in one of the AMA green rooms catching up with friends. At one point the Foo Fighters rock star said he remembers fondly working at Shakey's pizza as he took a gulp of his extra large beer. Cheers, Dave!

• Taylor Explains Her Dance Moves:Taylor Swift is known for getting down and dancing in the aisle at an award show or two. When a reporter praised her “moves” backstage, she blushed and questioned whether or not he was telling the truth. “Are you serious?” she asked. “Are you lying or is that a true thing?” Swift revealed that she loves to have a good time at award shows, which helps her relax and push aside the pressures of the day. “I think a couple of years ago I decided that instead of stressing out at an award show, to kind of approach it as if you got to go to the best concert ever of all time.” She explained that Christina Aguilera’s AMA performance almost made her cry and that Imagine Dragons “killed me!”


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