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Greetings from... buffalo... very hot today... one of those big "taste of ____" (insert city) is going on. There was a cover band playing gin blossoms. At first I thought it WAS gin blossoms. But... it wasn't. Ate some nice tacos and drank frozen sangria.

Watching world cup finals now with my french maid and my italian cook... it's getting heated.

Last night was my first ever show in Buffalo. I was very impressed by the enthusiasm of the crowd and will definately make my way back to that city.

At the in-store at New World Records... a nice gent asked if I would play "a girl like you" at the Town Ballroom, for at that moment during the show he planned on proposing to his girlfriend. I said... "u sure she's gonna say yes?" She said yes. congrats you two... great kids.

So... about that seance in Lawrence... I kinda blew it off. They had redone some of the "haunted" hotel and it just didn't seem as creepy as it did a few years back. Had a bloody mary though. Rochester is next. See you there. py.