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8 Things We Learned at Lady Gaga's SiriusXM Special

Inez & Vinoodh
Lady Gaga

Gearing up for the release of her third album "ARTPOP" next Tuesday (Nov. 12), Lady Gaga sat down at SiriusXM’s ‘Town Hall’ Friday (Nov. 8) -- and things got pretty interesting.

Donning a conservative white dress along with a matching cowboy hat, Mother Monster dished on "ARTPOP," as well as some of her future plans. Here's eight things in particular we learned at the 'Town Hall' event.

1. Gaga kicked the conversation off with the presentation of her "ARTPOP" app, set for release on Sunday (Nov. 10), and the interactive alien/hologram Petca that will guide you through the entire process, including creating your “aura.”

2. The pop star touched on her outer space performance, revealing that the entire thing will be livestreamed back to earth, with the concert closing at Ground Zero.

3. As for how the concept of the new album came about, Gaga stated that it happened right after the release of her sophomore album, "Born This Way." Although she seemed to be glowing during the interview, she exposed that when she’s finished making an album she goes into a depressed mental state, “Like a mother letting her kid go off to college.”

4. Like most, Gaga cherishes her alone time, which usually includes smoking weed and listening to R. Kelly and metal.

5.  During her off-time, the pop star eats a lot of pizza -- especially pizza in Chicago, where she’s recently been residing and connected with R. Kelly to record “Do What U Want.”

6. She wants to have tons of children -- well, three little monsters, to be exact -- and who she knows will probably hate her music.

7. Don’t expect Gaga to be touring when she’s sixty – she doesn’t see herself doing that.

8. Get ready for Mother Monster’s Thanksgiving special with the Muppets, where she may or may not give Miss Piggy fashion advice. Things haven’t been the same for Gaga since she and Kermit split.