Lana Del Rey Releases 'Tropico' Teaser: Watch

Lana Del Rey Releases 'Ride' Single From 'Born To Die' Deluxe Edition

Lana Del Rey's short film "Tropico" doesn't have a release date just yet, but that didn't stop the singer from releasing a teaser for the film today (Nov. 6).

"Dear John, forgive us our sins," Del Rey repeatedly whispers while wearing a veil of some sort in the 13-second video. Toward its end, a cowboy-looking figure appears wielding a gun before the clip abruptly ends.

The teaser follows the announcement of "Tropico," a 30-minute short film, last July. The film, co-produced by Rick Rubin, stars model Shaun Ross and, according to Rolling Stone, has described the film as "Elvis and Jesus and Marilyn and extraterrestrials all in one."

It's unclear whether or not the film could be a long-form music video for many of the songs from her 2012 major label debut "Born to Die" or subsequent EP "Paradise."

The singer recently cracked the Billboard top 10 for the first time with a Cedric Gervais remix of "Born to Die" track "Summertime Sadness."