Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn enjoys some time off in the city of Angels.

Just landed at 3/4 of a day in los angeles to relax....I had to stop off on way home from airport at pepe's tacos on centinella....had a serious al pastor craving. It's pretty wild to be back on the west coast....sort of a tease....cos in a day...heading back east for that leg of the tour. Looking forward to those east coast shows tho....some of my favorite people and venues. I can't stress enough how great this tour has been for my soul. To see everyone's faces in bright flourescent light at the instores during the day....that kind of intimate connection is what I live for. The shows at night have been so free and off the cuff.....I want to thank all of the amazing fans for their true loyalty and passion.

Lets see...since we last spoke...we did seattle....always a good time...spent my birthday there with some good friends. Thanks to peter buck for joining us on stage for a few tunes at the Croc. The venue in portland...doug fir lounge was absolutely stunning....and the crowd was really propelling my energy. The great Lance Armstrong was in town and came by the show....super guy. Let's see....san francisco after that.....great american music hall...amazing venue....beautiful old style...another inspiring set....couldn't resist breaking out "friend of the devil" for the old ghost of jerry.

After that...cruised down to san diego...went to visit an amazing radio station down there run by a class act named mike halloran.....previewed some new tunes from nightcrawler and was joined by john doe and exene from X for a fun interview session. Later that night..played a tiny lil room called the casbah...we rocked the casbah. Then it was off to phoenix....played an instore at a shop called Zia....there were these two lil brothers (must've been 7 and 8 years old) who were front row having a slap fight the entire show...I couldn't contain my laughter as I was trying to play some "heavy" songs. All in good fun. I I am in Los Angeles for a day...Laundry Day! Speak soon.