Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn waves goodbye for now.

Come Back Home.....

5am....indianapolis airport....heading to LAX.....played the last show of the "you & me" tour last eve.

Madness...many shots made their way to the stage from the it's ya'lls fault if we got sloppy!
End of tour tradition, I say. Great people in indy....thanks for letting me make up the show. (I had cancelled that one earlier in the tour due to a family emergency). I am....waiting for the airport bar to open so I can have my prerequisite bloody mary pre flight......only 6 minutes til that time comes.

What can I say about this was so great to see everyone as we Christopher Crossed the USA twice. Performing at indie record shops every day prior to our show at night.....basically over 80 shows in roughly 50 to meet so many interesting people.

This last lil run through my home state of Jersey was surreal....ran into to so many old friends who I hadn't seen in first "girlfriend" from 7th grade...we dated for 3 days I think.... my best friend from growing up/next door neighbor.....various friends from college....aunts...uncles...cousins....was all pretty wild....and that was just at The Stone Pony. Atlantic City was great too....managed not to lose any money.....that's always a good thing.....spent a couple days in nyc.....then headed to indy for the final show of the tour......til the next one, that is.

I wanna thank everyone for their support and their stories and their inspiration.....I'm gonna go home now and get some sleep for a few days.....then I'll be ready to bring it back out. Special thanks to my bandmates...joey kennedy (OG dirty bird!) and sid and malcolm (from the great Minibar). Those guys hung with me thru 2 hour plus sets most nights. My crew was also very hard working and we couldn't have done any
of this without them. Good news...blogger/media-guru/dance-party-maven Westerns will be staying on and will be covering all shows...thru the end of the year.

Got some shows coming up soon in LA, Chicago and NYC so please keep an eye out for them.....then it's off to Australia with the Dixie Chicks for Rocktober.....never been there so looking forward to that.

O.K....again...thanks to everyone who came out and supported the cause.....enjoy the Westerns Ep for another 2 weeks until Nightcrawler is unleashed...(8/29). Can't wait to see Borat. Love and