De La Tierra, Featuring Members from Sepultura & Maná, Release Single: Exclusive First Listen

Maná drummer Alex González, Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Sr. Flavio from Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Andrés Giménez, the singer and guitarist who led the Argentine band A.N.I.M.A.L. have unveiled the first single from their new metal side project De La Tierra.

“Maldita Historia” premieres today in advance of the album’s November release.

González describes De La Tierra as “A very special union of four good friends.
“We all come from very important bands who have made their mark in rock in Latin America,” says the drummer, known throughout the Spanish-speaking world as a member of the biggest-selling Latin rock band.
While acknowledging that Maná is famous for crowd-pleasing pop rock, González describes his playing style as “more of a hard rock metal drummer.”
“I always grew up listening to all types of music,” says the Miami native. “Hard rock and heavy metal were something I always really loved.”

Reached at his home in Guadalajara, González explains that the idea for De La Tierra came about when Giménez came backstage after a 2008 Maná show in Buenos Aires.
While at the time González was committed to Maná’s heavy touring schedule, he and Giménez kept in touch and formed the idea for a recording project. They recruited Sr. Flavio, and then Kisser, who brought substantial metal cred to the band of Latin American veterans.
“The whole idea of doing a heavy band in Spanish alone was amazing for me,” said Kisser, while on a break at his home in Sao Paulo. He starts a North American tour with Sepultura in November. The Brazilian metal band has sold 2.2 million albums in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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“Brazil is too far away from the rest of Latin America basically because of Portuguese,” says Kisser, who had first met González when Maná played in Brazil. “They are close geographically but very different. It’s really cool to have the possibility to show that we have a lot more in common than it appears.”
After separately writing demos, the musicians met in Buenos Aires to work out songs and record the core of the De La Tierra album, which they produced and financed themselves (“No managers were involved,” stresses Kisser.)

The self-titled debut is set for a November release in the U.S., Latin America and Spain on Warner Music Latina, which is also Mana’s label.  Kisser, who was the album’s main songwriter, reveals that it will have lyrics in Spanish and Portuguese, and promises listeners will hear “a new way of playing heavy metal music.”
“There are so many different elements,” he says. “It’s great for instance, that Flavio has a totally different style, a lot of ska and punk.”
“Whatever we wanted to get out of our system we got it out,” González adds.