THE KNIFE, "Silent Shout"

Three albums in, the Long Winters aren't worried about impressing anyone. Their latest, "Putting the Days to Bed," isn't flashy or self-conscious; instead, it's a substantive collection of back-to-bas

Silent Shout
Producer: the Knife
Release Date: July 25

Yep, another brother and sister duo, this time from Sweden, but dealing in an entirely different genre than the Stripes and Furnaces families. The Knife is well established in Scandinavia, having already received two Swedish Grammy Awards, and blog buzz dating back a year helped fan the group's flames here in the U.S.

In pictures, the Knife is always covering its collective faces, usually with a creepy mask. The music fits the image to a degree; "Silent Shout" is synth-driven electronica that is dark in an '80s S&M club type of way. Even weirder is the childlike sound of Karin Dreijir's voice, which some might find reminiscent of Bjork, and others might just find grating.

Still, "Silent Shout" excels with pulsating electro-rhythms, even though they don't include drums, bass or even a drum and bass sound. It's not something you necessarily listen to for the lyrics, aside from "Marble House," a curious ode to prostitution.

We'll have to wait to see whether or not the Knife has more mainstream capabilities -- this album's gothic undertones would suggest not. But the duo's ear for beats could prove otherwise down the road. -- Michael D. Ayers