Yep, another brother and sister duo, this time from Sweden, but dealing in an entirely different genre than the Stripes and Furnaces families.

Until There's Nothing Left of Us
Producer: Johnny K
Release Date: Aug. 1

"Until There's Nothing Left of Us" is a pleasing pity party with lustful urgency and an abundance of codependent resentment. Would you expect less from a lead singer who named his band after murderous intentions for his ex-girlfriend? Despite the inconsolable attitude of Kill Hannah's intimate lyrics, the slightly nasal vocals are a far cry from emo whining. The raspy whispers and moaning sighs of the first single, "Lips Like Morphine," induce a similar drug-like trance. However, "Crazy Angel" almost overshadows that track with upbeat, dance-in-your-seat electronics. This seductive blend of charged melodies and head-banging beats is poised to be a hit. -- Rachel Surwit