'Breaking Bad' Composer Dave Porter Talks 'Barrels Blazing' Final Season: Video

Critically acclaimed drug drama “Breaking Bad” returns to AMC for its final season this Sunday (Aug. 11). Billboard recently sat down with “Bad” composer Dave Porter, who’s responsible for the subtle musical nuances for scenes as simple as shaving lead character Walter White’s bald head to ones as major as the chemist whipping up some meth.

In the video above, Porter talked about his mindset going into the final eight episodes and looks back at the show’s start. When he first learned of the show, he new that, “an orchestral score in the traditional sense would be the wrong choice.”

He mentions some of the unconventional techniques he applied, as well as notes that he and his staff “watch the show meticulously, scene-by-scene. [We talk about] whether any scene needs music at all.”

Overall though, Porter’s most excited that he was freed up to “not hold anything back” musically in the final shows. “I was able to," he says, "in these final eight episodes, revisit some things from past episodes that I wanted to bring back.” Give the clip a look and feel free to drop a line in the comments section about your favorite music moment of “Breaking Bad.”