NFL Playoffs: 8 Musicians Make The Picks
NFL Playoffs: 8 Musicians Make The Picks


The Saints have rattled off eight wins in a row and look to return to the Super Bowl after winning the championship in 2010. The Detroit Lions aren't exactly experienced in the playoffs -- the last time they were in the postseason, Bill Clinton was the President -- but their high-powered offense is ready to deliver an upset. Cash Money founder and co-CEO Birdman feels good about his hometown Saints and Drew Brees' MVP chances, but Danny Brown wants the Lions to use some of their "weird luck" and earn the W.

Birdman, New Orleans Saints Fan

How are you feeling about the game?

I feel great. I think we should take care of business. We play great at home. So I'm excited, I think we should win that -- maybe not easily, but I think we should take that one.

The Lions have a pretty high-powered offense. Are you scared of seeing a bunch of Matthew Stafford-to-Calvin Johnson touchdowns?

I mean, Calvin and Stafford are both nice. But I think, with the blistering package that we bring, our offense is real high-powered. At the end of the day, I think the Saints' offense is gonna put up the most points, and I think the defense is gonna get the stops.

A lot of people are talking about Drew Brees being an MVP candidate. I know Aaron Rodgers has had an insane season, but do you see Brees possibly taking the award?

It could go either way. Aaron did have a great season -- I mean, [the Packers] lost one game this season -- but I think what Brees did with the team, as a unit… it could go either way. To me, both of them deserve it.

So you're thinking Co-MVP, like Peyton Manning and Steve McNair in 2003?

I don't think Drew deserves it over Rodgers, and I don't Rodgers deserves it over Drew. If it could go both ways, it should.

What are the Saints' chances to make it to the Super Bowl?

I think we're gonna get there. We just gotta get past the Cheeseheads! We gotta figure out how to go there in that weather, and take care of business. That's our only bump, but I think that we can get there.

Who do you see coming out of the AFC?

When it comes down to the come-down, Pittsburgh. I like New England, and the Ravens are strong too, but they don't put up enough points. I think it's Pittsburgh.

Danny Brown, Detroit Lions Fan

This is the Lions' first trip to the playoffs in 12 years.

Yeah, I mean, the whole city's is really excited about it. Detroit can be really messed up, so anytime something positive can start happening, it gives us something to be happy about. So I'm proud of them right now.

Were you a Lions fan growing up?

Always -- I think I'm more of a Lions fan than a fan of any other sports team here. Maybe it was just because of Barry Sanders -- Barry Sanders is pretty much the biggest sports player we've had in Detroit, like a Superman type of guy.

But over the last decade, the Lions have really struggled while the other Detroit teams have thrived: the Red Wings and Pistons have each won championships, and the Tigers made it to the World Series…

Even the Shock, the girls' basketball team, won the championship! They got one a few years ago.

Unfortunately, the Lions drew the Saints -- who might be in the hottest team in football -- in the first round. How do you like their chances?

I actually think they're gonna upset them. We're just that type of team. Some teams just have a type of weird luck, and this year we're the weird, lucky team. I feel like they might get it. But of course I'm gonna say that. (laughs)

Do you have confidence in playoff-unproven guys like Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson?

I have more confidence in Johnson than anybody. I think it's our defense that has the weird luck though. Expect a weird interception or something.

Are you a fan of Ndamukong Suh?

Yeah! He's my favorite player on the Lions right now.

Even after he stomped on a Packer's leg and got a two-game suspension?

Yeah, yeah! That's what the Lions need. That's what Detroit sports is about -- when you look back on all of our championship teams, they were bruisers! So to get it, that's how you gotta be coming from Detroit.

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