Wonder Girls Say English Album to 'Come Out Very Soon!'
Wonder Girls Say English Album to 'Come Out Very Soon!'

They made history by being one of the few Korean acts to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 and now Wonder Girls are back hoping to do it again with their latest single "DJ Is Mine." The Korean pop girl group recently released the video for its new track, featuring School Gyrls, as the first single from the upcoming Teen Nick movie "The Wonder Girls," premiering Feb. 2.

Video: "DJ Is Mine," Wonder Girls feat. School Gyrls

The track itself kicks off with a dubstep intro before turning into a high-energy dance-pop track with both Wonder Girls and School Gyrls taking turns in the song's spotlight. The groups trade off singing verses, choruses, and share rapping duties on the dubstep bridge that sounds like it incorporates original Super Mario samples (ie: a mushroom power up). If School Gyrls look familiar, you may remember them from their previous movies on Nickelodeon, or the single "Get Like Me" featuring none other than Teen Nick chairman Nick Cannon's wife, Mariah Carey.

In the clip, Wonder Girls and School Gyrls take the lyrics of the track literally ("'Cause the DJ is mine, and girl you're wasting your time / He only rocks to my music, he loves the way I do it all night") leading to a competition of best dance moves to catch the DJ's eye. Yet, ultimately it's Wonder Girl member Yenny who hooks him, possibly giving some indication as to a romance for the upcoming movie next month. Both groups look great in multi-hued dresses, ultimately coming together in the name of… killer dance moves and old school Nintendo? Seems so.

With the movie, the girls are preparing more English music to accompany the soundtrack to the movie. In July, Wonder Girls told Billboard.com they were working with hitmaker Claude Kelly as well as Nick Jonas for the album they described as "combin[ing] Asian music and American music. We have Asian melodies and we try to mix some beats on it. It's really fun."

Do you think Wonder Girls can make another appearance on the Billboard charts with "DJ Is Mine"?