NFL Playoffs: 8 Musicians Make The Picks, Round 2
NFL Playoffs: 8 Musicians Make The Picks, Round 2


The Houston Texans rolled through the first round of the playoffs with a resounding victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Next up is a game against the Baltimore Ravens, who took hold of the AFC North this season and are betting on a reliable defense to guide them to the Super Bowl. UGK rapper Bun B is fully on board with his hometown Texans, while O.A.R. musician Jerry DePizzo thinks the Ravens can win a close matchup in Baltimore.

Bun B, Houston Texans Fan

The Texans are playing the Ravens this week-how are you feeling about the game?

I'm feeling good. This Texans team has been down and out pretty much since [Matt] Schaub's been out, which is basically the last time we played the Ravens. You know they pretty much had this team broke, and now look at us, we're back in the playoffs playing the Ravens again. I feel very proud of what this team has accomplished and how far this team has gone despite the fact that we haven't had our number one quarterback, or even number two quarterback for that matter.

They've overcome a lot of injuries this year, and T.J. Yates had a solid game against the Bengals last week. Are you feeling confident that he can go up against a Ravens defense that is really strong?

It's not going to be easy, but I believe we can still score against that defense. They had a good chance of coming back in that last game. We were losing, but we were not out of the game, and this time we've watched tape, we've really studied these guys, we understand what it's gonna be. A lot of it's going to be up to our offensive line giving T.J. enough time in that pocket to make plays.

What was it like watching the Texans' first-ever playoff win against Cincinnati in Houston last week?

The city's been electric -- it's been electric all week. Everyone, everywhere has been very excited for the Texans… the city really stood up for this team, and the team understands what football means to this city. And they understand the fact that, despite that they haven't really been a very strong team, this city has been there for them. They worked extremely hard, every player has stepped up, and I don't think this city could be any prouder.

If the Texans win this week, they're either playing against the Patriots in New England next week, or against the Broncos at home in Houston. Who are you rooting for?

I mean, of course we want that championship game at home, so with us having the number 3 seed, of course we wanna push for Denver. But that being said, the number one team has been beaten before this year, so there's no reason why they can't be beaten again.

O.A.R.'s Jerry DePizzo, Baltimore Ravens Fan

Have you always been a Ravens fan?

I have kind of an odd relationship with the Ravens: I grew up about an hour outside of Cleveland, and the Ravens were taken from Cleveland [in 1995], put into Baltimore and have enjoyed a very successful franchise. So it's bittersweet for me, but I gotta live vicariously through somebody, and that's the Ravens.

They're coming into this weekend with a big game against the Houston Texans, who are missing their starting quarterback but are still playing very well.

I think, on paper, they're pretty evenly matched. They both have strong run games and quarterbacks who control the ball. I think it's going to come down to home field advantage and who wants it more.

What do you think is going to be the biggest key for the Ravens to win this week?

Holding onto the football. If you don't turn over the football, whoever wins the turnover game is going to win the game overall. Both have strong defenses, and both can really run the football. [Joe] Flacco definitely has an edge at quarterback -- he can launch that ball, and he's a big guy. If he's accurate and gets the ball to his receivers, I think they'll come out and win that game.

How far do you see this Ravens team going? Do you think they have a shot to win the whole thing?

If Baltimore's defense stays healthy and strong, and they don't turn the football over, I think they'll be successful and can go deep in the playoffs. New England's offense is unbelievable… and then you go against Green Bay, and Aaron Rodgers is on a tear. But I think Baltimore is a complete team. And I think complete teams can go pretty darn deep in the playoffs.