NFL Playoffs: 8 Musicians Make The Picks, Round 2
NFL Playoffs: 8 Musicians Make The Picks, Round 2


The Denver Broncos continued to ride the unlikely Tim Tebow tidal wave to success with a shocking win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. Now the team faces an even tougher opponent: the New England Patriots, who snagged the top seed in the AFC for the second straight year. The Fray guitarist Joe King returns to try and explain Tebow-mania, while Dropkick Murphys' Ken Casey remains confident that Tom Brady and his veteran Pats team will take care of business.

The Fray's Joe King, Denver Broncos Fan

Last week, the Broncos won on the first play of overtime. How did it feel watching that dramatic 80-yard touchdown come together?

Oh man, it was literally one of the top games I've ever seen of the Broncos. It ranks up there with The Drive, Elway's drive back against Green Bay in the Super Bowl -- this was a huge game! Top 5 for me, for sure.

Now that they have a little bit of confidence in them, they have to travel to New England and play the top seed in the AFC. What are your expectations?

It's all gravy from here. I still love the position we're in, because we really have nothing to lose in this game. They're gonna go out and just have fun. Tebow, for instance, is just enjoying himself right now. This season has been more than they ever expected, and the team is totally pumped up that they're even this far.

What's the atmosphere like in Denver now?
I don't think there's one person I know that didn't watch the game on Sunday in Denver. At least 80 percent of Colorado was watching that game. There hasn't been this much excitement about the Broncos since Elway, and that's when I was a little kid.

Watching Tim Tebow week in and week out, how do you explain a game like the last regular season game where they scored three points against the Chiefs, and then he looks great against a top-tier defense like the Steelers?

You can't! It's literally one of those situations that you cannot explain… The guy had the worst game of his life the week before; he's at rock bottom as far as his performance. But then he comes back a week later and completely changes everything about how he plays. When you see someone fall like that, you just want him to get up and do exactly what he did. It's hard to wrap around it because I see both sides of the story. But you just believe in the guy!

What chance do you give the Broncos against the Patriots?

I think we went up against the best defense in the league last week, and now we're going up against pretty much one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. I like our odds. I think we have the edge on this.

Dropkick Murphys' Ken Casey, New England Patriots Fan

How you feel about the team going into this game?

It's exciting to watch this year, because with a strong offense and a first rate defense, anything can happen. You know they could steamroll right through the Super Bowl or go out in the first round. But I obviously feel pumped. We played Denver a couple weeks ago [and won], so what should be different? It is sports, and you never know what's going to happen. But Tom Brady is the man, and in Tom we trust. The other team can trust in God; we'll trust in Tom.

The Broncos won in stunning fashion against the Steelers last week. As a Patriots fan, how do you view all the hype about Tim Tebow's piousness and his "miraculous" wins?

I don't know; I think God has better things to do than win or lose football games, so I don't really buy into that. But the guy seems devoted to his faith, and I don't see what the problem is - people get really upset sometimes when you talk to them about it. I think it is what it is, but I can respect that he's dedicated to something like that.

Out of the eight remaining team, what would you be most scared for the Pats to play?

I'd definitely say the Packers, though I'd like to see us play the Packers almost just to make for a good old-fashioned Super Bowl. The Saints are playing well too now. And revenge on the Giants [after losing to New York in Super Bowl XLII] would be amazing!

The Patriots have a lot of role players on this team now. Aside from Brady, who is going to be a key player this weekend?

I got to give a shout-out to my boy Julian Edelman. That kid's amazing -- I mean, have you seen that kid miss a tackle this year? I also like the young running back Stevan Ridley; I can see him having a big game.

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