NFL Playoffs: 8 Musicians Make The Picks, Round 2
NFL Playoffs: 8 Musicians Make The Picks, Round 2

The 2011 NFL postseason continues into the divisional round on Saturday (Jan. 14), and like the rest of us, many music artists will be tuning in and rooting for their favorite teams. To celebrate the NFL playoffs and get some predictions on second-round matchups, spoke with eight artists about their favorite pro football teams and how they see their beloved teams faring in the race to the Super Bowl.

Artists like Lil Wayne, Asher Roth and the Dropkick Murphys' Ken Casey are ready to see their top-seeded teams kick into high gear, while Birdman, Bun B and The Fray's Joe King think their squads will continue their winning ways from last weekend . Check out all of the NFL Q&As for this week, and revisit the wild card round Q&As by clicking here.

NEW YORK GIANTS (Waka Flocka Flame) vs. GREEN BAY PACKERS (Lil Wayne)

One year after winning the Super Bowl, the Packers enjoyed their best regular season ever with 15 wins and 1 loss; the Giants' road to the postseason has been rockier, but the team has won 3 games in a row and finally has its pass rush in order. Packers super-fan Lil Wayne checked in with about Sunday's matchup with the Giants, while "No Hands" MC Waka Flocka Flame returned to once again guarantee a championship for his G-Men.

Lil Wayne, Green Bay Packers Fan

Billboard: How long have you been a Packers fan?

Lil Wayne: Since '95, because they won the Super Bowl in the Superdome. Jumped on the bandwagon and never jumped off. Plus I'm a super fan of Brett Favre.

What do you think is the greatest strength of this current Packers team?

Aaron Rodgers.

Are you worried about facing the New York Giants, currently riding a 3-game win streak?

I am because they are on the high, playing out of their minds and Green Bay hasn't been on the field. The Giants are amped, and I don't know what Green Bay has been doing. Hope they are working hard during this off time. Also I'm worried, because they could have lost the first game against the Giants [a 38-35 win on Dec. 4].

How far do you see this Packers team going in this year's playoffs?

Super Bowl.

Waka Flocka Flame, New York Giants Fan

The Giants blew out the Falcons last weekend, 24-2. Now they face a much tougher opponent in the Green Bay Packers. How do you think the Giants do this week?

It's gonna be a close one, but we're gonna take it home. We're winning the championship! I think we gotta play all four quarters, but I know the Giants will come out on top. And Eli's gonna prove that he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

The Green Bay offense has been explosive this season. Do you see the Giants' defense being able to shut down Aaron Rodgers and his receivers?

I don't see them shutting them down, but I can see them stopping them. I think we're gonna throw them in the mud.

If the Giants win this week, they head to either San Francisco or New Orleans. What team would you rather draw in the NFC Championship game?

The 49ers would be a run-over (laughs). I want to see the Saints, because I think it would go down to the last second.

You talked a lot about Eli Manning before last week's game. Is there another player on the Giants that's just as important to their success?

[Justin] Tuck could be a key player. But Eli's crazy; I think it's all up to him. It's like, who does he feel like throwing it to today? Eli gets it done -- he's the reason I watch football.

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