Paris Hilton Partners with LMFAO for Comeback Single

Paris Hilton Partners with LMFAO for Comeback Single

Paris Hilton is ready to party-rock her way back up the charts.

The socialite-turned-singer is teaming up with LMFAO for a track from her long-awaited sophomore album that's set to hit the airwaves in the coming months.

"I was just in the studio with RedFoo the other night, so we're going to be doing my new single with LMFAO," Hilton told MTV News. "I'm going with a whole new genre. I have Afrojack executive-producing the entire album. So we've just been coming up with the most incredible tracks."

The album, the sequel to Hilton's 2006 debut, "Paris," is expected this summer, following the single.

"I've known them since I was a little girl," she said of LMFAO. "We grew up together 'cause our parents are friends, so I'm just so proud of them and all their success and what they've done 'cause they've just created this whole 'Party Rock' brand and it's just so awesome."

The reality star surprised many with the success of her initial release, which featured contributions from Scott Storch, Dr. Luke and Kara DioGuardi, and peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200.

For their part, LMFAO have come on strong in recent weeks, with single "Sexy and I Know It" spending two weeks at No. 1 on the Hot 100 while previous release "Party Rock Anthem" continues to maintain its months-long top 10 position.