Al Green, A&R Execs & Artists Sound Off on Obama's 'Let's Stay Together' Performance

Obama & Al Green Tour? 'After Re-Election,' He Says

Does the President Have a Post-Politics Career in Music?

President Obama gave a performance worthy of donations last night (Jan. 19) at a campaign fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Between busting out his falsetto register for a taste of the Al Green 1971 classic "Let's Stay Together" and shouting out the in-attendance Reverend Green, color us impressed. So we asked a few major label A&R executives if they think Obama has a post-politics career in music, and naturally, asked Al Green and other soulful crooners for their thoughts on Obama's rendition. Here's what they said:

Al Green told, "I was thrilled that the President mentioned my name and that if he can get the economy going and do all that he wants to do, then we will ALL be together."

"Obama has the right idea. If more people went around singing Al Green, the world would be a much better place," Detroit crooner Mayer Hawthorne tells

"The Apollo is a tough crowd to win over even if you're the president. The fact that he was not booed off stage says to me he's got a chance," Imran Majid, Sr. Director of A&R at Universal Republic Records, tells

"I was impressed with what I saw, but I'm really going to need a meeting before I decide if he has any true star power," Jacob Fain, Director A&R at SonyATV Music Publishing, tells

If Obama's re-elected, it'll be AT LEAST five years until we see his debut LP. Let's hope his fanbase is still present after all that time.