'Glee' Recap: Ricky Martin Is Sexy and He Knows It
'Glee' Recap: Ricky Martin Is Sexy and He Knows It

For all that last week was about ambition and goals, with characters pontificating the facts of their circumstance at each other instead of with one another, this week followed through with characters who actually talked to one another -- or had good reason not to. So while on the one hand the plot was actually consistent and well managed, with believable motivation, response and action all around, on the other hand the songs were mostly forgettable and generally useless to advancing the plot. Perhaps "Glee" can't rub its stomach and pat its belly at the same time, but can you really complain when Ricky Martin comes to visit?

The episode starts with Will's teaching ability finally called into question, as evidenced by his sub-par "La Cucaracha" performance (and not his general horribleness over three seasons) and that he's now up for some sort of tenure teaching position becase the hilarious lady who has taught every single subject at McKinley is now gone. To get the position, Figgins suggests Will actually learn Spanish, which leads to his enrollment in night classes taught by Señor David Martinez, played by Ricky Martin and from now on simply called Ricky Martin. Ricky Martin takes up the majority of the speechifying mantel for the episode, but it's forgiven since all his exposition is about the influx of Spanish into America and concludes with some practical Spanish instruction for communicating with your dentist. Impressed, Will invites Ricky for coffee in the dark teacher's lounge where he can't even fake understand Ricky's basic Spanish. We learn Ricky was a former tooth model but quit because he wanted to make a difference in the world and teach kids. The only problem is there aren't enough jobs around, and while the obvious solution is Ricky replaces Will, since this is "Glee" we need an episode of lessons before our hero can realize this, so instead Ricky just inspires Will to teach Spanish through music as a last-ditch attempt to prove his worth and win tenure.

Sue Sylvester wants a baby, and since the selections at the local Lima sperm bank are slim, she turns to the Glee club to creepily drum up donations. After Will calls her out on it she requests a sample from him too, in what appears to be a plastic water cup. She too is after the precious tenure position, but her place is threatened by Roz, who wants to shake up the cheer team with new moves, her Olympic medal proudly displayed. NeNe Leakes might be the Glee breakout star of Season 3 a la Darren Criss if she keeps this up.

Will puts his all-Spanish plan into action by asking the Glee club where they will be in 2030 (Kurt and Rachel -- Broadway, Artie -- Walking, Puck -- Jail, Dead or Both.) He explains the rapid approach of a bilingual society (Britt chimes in that she, too, is bilingual!) and that for this week's lesson that class will only perform Latin songs or songs by Latin artists or possibly just sounds that sound Latin, because this is "Glee." When Santana calls him out for not knowing any Latin people, Ricky Martin arrives and everyone's eyes turn into giant hearts. Sugar might actually transform into a cartoon and solely exist in that state from now on. Ricky Martin explains "duende" and then demonstates with LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It," a song that ironically lacks all the "duende." However, in Ricky's hands it causes everyone to lose their minds -- Sugar is doing push-ups, Kurt pulls some legit stripper moves (which reminds us -- where is Sam? Did they send him back to his actual parents? Mercedes is also missing; is there a broom closet scandal happening right now?)

Video: Ricky Martin & the New Directions, "Sexy And I Know It"

All our questions are answered after the break when we find Sam and Mercedes in a counselling session with Emma, who provides them with pamplets about "two-timing hos." When Mercedes admits she can't hear what her heart is telling her between her current boyfriend and Sam, Emma suggests they both really listen to themselves and stop talking to each other until the end of the week. In the middle of that instruction Sam tweets that Mercedes smells good (and says he won't stop until it's trending, perhaps a nod to "Glee" fandom's incessant trending campaigns of love for the actors), but that's his last chance because even electronic communication is off-limits.

Under Roz's instruction, the Cheerioes go super intense, more dance troupe that tumblers. Sue accuses Roz of trying to wait until she's on maternity leave to steal her job, and then Roz delivers some of the best lines ever about Sue delivering a full grown adult with a briefcase, then lets us know about her sexual escapades with Michael Phelps. "Glee" should never let NeNe go. Sue, who like Will and Emma, is an adult trapped in a Lima high school by a victim her circumstances (she may be the best, Sue responds as Roz walks about, mostly to herself, "I can do this I can do anything.")


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