'Glee' Recap: Tragedy at McKinley High
'Glee' Recap: Tragedy at McKinley High

Phillip Parker, a 14-year-old who hung himself in his foster parents' bathroom. Seth Walsh, a 13-year-old who had been taunted and bullied repeatedly before hanging himself in 2010. Justin Aaberg, a 15-year-old Minnesota high schooler who hung himself after being bullied and breaking up with his boyfriend in 2009. Jeffrey Fehr, 18, who hung himself at his family's home in Granite Bay, Calif. Rafael Morelos, a 14-year-old who hung himself last month, Jan. 29th.

The list can continue, unfortunately, and before we jump into recapping this week's song and dance in "On My Way," it's important to pay attention to the real-life stories that inspired Tuesday's focus on "Glee," where Dave Karofsky attempts to take his own life in the face of homophobic bullying. And that's not the only tragedy that befalls McKinley as the club continues to barrel on to the end of the season.

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