Savannah Outen: Battle of the Bands 2012 Northwest

Savannah Outen beat out two other acts in the vote to become the finalist in the northwest region. She has the road to Las Vegas now and you can watch her roadtrip videos roll in on the video player on this page below! In Las Vegas, she will play against the other finalists head to head at the May 18 Battle of the Bands concert. The ultimate winner will appear on the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. In addition to the Battle concert, your views to this page and its videos will contribute to a social score that influences who will win. So come back here often to follow the journey and to help Savannah Outen win the Battle.

Oregon native Savannah Outen is a 19-year-old pop rock YouTube star who remembers the sheer excitement of her first show, the crazy and amazing things that have happened since, and who plans to use donuts to take over the world.

Describe your sound and your audience in your own words.
My sound is definitely pop rock. I am obsessed with big drums and heavy guitars, so it's definitely that kind of vibe. When I first started off I was doing a lot of stuff with Radio Disney so my audience has kind of grown. Most people know me from YouTube. I have over 81 million views and almost 400,000 subscribers.

Tell us about your first gig ever -- just how awkward was it?
I did a lot of talent competitions when I was younger singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." But my first real show was the "Ultrasonic Super Fantastic Kids Day" and it was in New Jersey, I think it was in Asbury Park and it was me and these two other up-and-coming artists and I headlined the show… I was definitely nervous... I also freaked out because there was confetti at the end and then there were lights and I was just so excited.

What's the strangest thing anyone has ever said about your band?
So many people think I look like Lo Bosworth from "The Hills" and I can kind of see it. When Facebook was doing that whole doppelganger thing, I had so many friends post pictures of Lo and say, "You look so much like Lauren Conrad's BFF." And I'm like, "OK thanks I guess."

Why should you win this competition?
I have been trying to make it in this industry for four years and a lot of amazing things have happened, but also a lot of crazy things in the background have happened. It's such a hard industry, it's such an up and down roller coaster. One minute you feel so happy and another minute you feel so discouraged. So I think it would be really awesome to be able to perform for the Billboard Music Awards because it would be such great exposure and I was just be put in front of millions of people and hopefully a lot of stuff would come out of it.

What's your next project?
I'll be doing a lot of YouTube videos and going to L.A. and doing some original music and recording that. Hopefully doing more touring. In December -- I know it's such a long ways away -- but I'm doing a really small cameo in the new Judd Apatow movie called "This is 40" featuring Paul Rudd. So that'll be really awesome and I'm so excited.

What's the weirdest thing to ever happen to you on tour?
I mean it's not really [weird] it's more just aggravating for me, but I have the worst luck with flying… My mom and I just went to New York for the Billboard photo shoot. Flying there it was just horrible. We had to get off the plane twice, we were circling around in the air for an hour because there was too much fog, so there's always something going wrong.

If your band had to come up with a plan for total world domination in the next 10 seconds, what would it be?
My band and I are obsessed with frozen yogurt and donuts, so I would give donuts to every single person in the world and we'd play a big show and -- oh my gosh I don't even know! That's a tough question and that was a horrible answer! Yes yes yes, feed the hungry with some donuts.

Interview by Sarah Maloy


"Be Original"

"I've Got You"

Savannah's Bio:

Nineteen-year-old Oregon native Savannah Outen has been performing from an early age, including singing the "National Anthem" at NBA and Major League Baseball games and making it to the finals of "America's Best New Talent."

Since she began posting YouTube videos of herself singing in 2007, Savannah has attracted over 380,000 subscribers and more than 77 million views. In the fall of 2007, Savannah recorded "Goodbyes," which made it to Radio Disney's Top 10 Summer Songs and the Top 50 Songs of 2008.

For two months that fall, Savannah was the opening act of Nat & Alex Wolff's tour. 2010 saw her get a song on the "Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure" soundtrack, and performed her single "Be Original" on the red carpet pre-show for the American Music Awards. Savannah was in the 85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2011, and is looking forward to an even better 2012.

"Excited" is a theme that runs through all of Savannah's music. She is living the dream and cannot wait to share her music with the world.

Twitter: @therealsavannah
Facebook: Savannah Outen


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