'Glee' Recap: He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother Edition
'Glee' Recap: He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother Edition

Ever since Blaine Anderson became the hot commodity in the Glee-verse, fans have been waiting on bated breath for further character development for the dashing boy who swept Kurt Hummel off his feet, especially more info about his family and home life.

"Glee" took a step in that direction with "Big Brother," an episode that focused primarily on Blaine's relationship with his older brother, Cooper, back in town to "connect with the people" between Hollywood acting gigs, which gives us some explanation for Blaine's clearly compulsive need for approval and attention that we've seen over the past months. And while that's well received, especially Matt Bomer's take on the ridiculous and self-centered Cooper, Tuesday's show was more fluff than substance. But oh was it delicious fluff...


On 'Angry' Blaine, Future Music Plans & What's On His Must List


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