Taylor Swift Helping Justin Bieber 'Believe' with New Song

March 29: Justin Bieber tweets this pic of Taylor Swift after "punking" her on MTV's "Punk'd."

Justin Bieber has a new reason to "Believe": a collaboration with Taylor Swift.

"You know, the whole album is just so different, there's so many different people collaborating," the pop star told the UK's Capital FM this week.

According to Bieber, he and Swift -- his recent "Punk'd" target -- wrote a song together, though he didn't reveal if the country star had lent her vocals to the track as well. With Swift's next album still a ways off, fans can find her next on B.o.B.'s "Strange Clouds" track "Both of Us."

Bieber's highly anticipated album will also see a track with Drake, among other hip-hop features, though Bieber says the set will keep his own rapping to a minimum.

"As people know, I'm a singer, and I don't want to get people confused with that, but it's something that I love to do, so you guys will definitely hear more of it," he told MTV News.

So far, Bieber's showcased his R&B side with lead single "Boyfriend," but he promises a range of sounds on the album, expected this summer.

"With my music, it doesn't only stay in a box," he told Capital FM. "It's so out there. Everything is so different and that's why I'm so happy with this album."