Snow Patrol Already Plotting New Album of 'Hard-Hitting Pop'

Snow Patrol Already Plotting New Album of 'Hard-Hitting Pop'

After its latest album, "Fallen Empires," was delayed a bit by frontman Gary Lightbody's writer's block, Snow Patrol is trying to keep its creativity in motion for a quicker next album.

"We've got things, all kind of garage band ideas right now," drummer Jonny Quinn tells He adds that Snow Patrol has 12 songs "in the bag" from the "Fallen Empires" sessions, too. "We'll go back and they might or might not make it, but I'm sure there'll be two or three that'll be on the record. We've got a lot to choose from there. When we get off the road we'll write a bit more and make some decisions then."

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"Fallen Empires" -- which marked Snow Patrol's highest U.S. chart debut, at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 earlier this year -- came out three years after 2009's "Up to Now" in the U.S. and one year earlier overseas. Quinn says that Lightbody "had real problems just getting the lyrics out. It was a bit scary because Gary's always been very prolific, and for this to happen took everyone by surprise." But part of Snow Patrol's plan is to do some studio work during the "Fallen Empires" tour and hopefully avoid a recurrence of the issue. "We'll kind of go into the studio and start recording while we're touring," Quinn says. "When we got off for a couple of weeks we'll go in and lay down a lot of ideas so Gary doesn't get the writer's block again, basically, so it doesn't become a huge issue when we get off tour."

By tapping into that live energy, meanwhile, Quinn predicts that the next Snow Patrol album "will definitely be up songs. It's going to be hard-hitting pop. There will be electronics on it, like on ('Fallen Empires'), and it'll be joyous." He also says some of the recording changes Snow Patrol made for its latest album -- working in a house in Los Angeles -- will also be incorporated into the next outing. "Some of that West Coast summeriness seeped into ('Fallen Empires'), which we really liked," Quinn notes. "We liked being in the sunshine, so it'll probably be L.A. again, and I think we'll probably do a bit of both a studio and a house, this time."

Snow Patrol is currently on the road in North America until May 19 and stars a European run on Jun 27. The latter includes several festival appearances as well as a performance in London's Hyde Park in conjunction with the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games. "They want us all to do a collaboration song at the end, so that should be fun, too," Queen reports. "Living in London and everything, with all the excitement, it's certainly an honor to be part of it. I think it will be very special."