K-Pop Hot 100: Sistar Hold Off Busker Busker for Third Week At No. 1

SISTAR Talks Busy Year Since Topping Inaugural K-Pop Hot 100 Chart

Sistar checks in at No. 1 for yet another week with indie band sensation Busker Busker once again sticking to the No. 2 slot. The medium tempo track, "Alone," successfully dominates this week's K-Pop Hot 100 chart. Their continued success has been heavily influenced by a relationship with the production team of Brave Brothers and their own hard driving team effort that has been widely lauded in the media.

Talented singer and dancer Ivy makes her return this week with a ballad song after her two and a half year hiatus. She released her mini-album "INTERVIEW" with its title track, "Torn Heart" becoming the highest debut this week at No. 5. The just-released mini-album consists of five pop ballad tracks, which spotlight the singer's powerful vocal skills. "Torn Heart" sees Ivy belting long notes on the chorus that packs a hard-hitting emotional punch. Fans know Ivy to be a great dancer, and for those wondering if she will come back with a dance track, there is no need to worry! "I am planning to release a dance song but it would be something a lot different than 'Sonata Of Temptations,'" Ivy told Billboard Korea.

As predicted last week, Girls' Generation's first sub-unit group Girls' Generation TTS (also known as Taetiseo) - comprised of members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun- is shaking up the K-Pop Hot 100 as well. Their title track, "Twinkle," arrives at the No.6 spot. The EP, also titled "Twinkle," made history as the highest entry for a K-Pop artist at the No. 126 spot on Billboard 200.

Back in 2009--for the first time in K-Pop history-- BoA entered the Billboard 200 at No.127, then BIGBANG entered at No.150 in March. Taetiseo's album was released internationally through iTunes and made a milestone by topping various charts within 40 hours of its release. Their popularity translated over to other Billboard charts such as World Album at No.1 and Heatseekers at No.2. This is an extraordinary feat as the girls have not participated in any promotions or activities in the U.S. for this particular album. Title track "Twinkle" is a funky, soul dance piece, reminiscent of a Stevie Wonder-like funk and is a modern mix of 70's and 80's popular sounds as the girls sing about their desire to show their lovely charms for the love of their lives. Their rhythmical yet explosive vocals are the centerpiece to the track. "Twinkle" was composed by Jam Factory's Brandon Fraley, Jamelle Fraley and Javier Solis. Expect this track to continue to rise as promotions and live performances begin for the sub-unit.

An interesting note in this week's chart is that Girls' Generation member Taeyon appears not only with her two group members in "Twinkle" but also as a solo artist with her soundtrack single "Missing You Like Crazy" up two spots to No. 7 this week in her fifth week. Another girl group member appearing without her bandmates in Brown Eyed Girls' Gain In who appears on JYP's comeback single "Someone Else" up to No. 4 this week.

(Additional reporting and editing by Jeff Benjamin, Billboard)