Justin Bieber Asks Mob of Norway Teens to Calm Down

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Justin Bieber is in Norway today to perform a free concert in the capital city of Oslo, but first he's trying to calm the horde of teenaged girls that have put a strain on the police, who have criticized the show's planners and threatened to nix the event.

"Norway, please listen to the police," Bieber wrote on Twitter. "I don't want anyone getting hurt. I want everything to go to plan but your safety must come first."

At 9:20 p.m. local time (3:20 EDT) the 18-year-old singer is scheduled to play six songs (four of them new) at the Opera House as part of his "Around the World" TV special.

"For the show to happen u must all listen to the police," he wrote. "We are all concerned for your safety and I want what is best for you. Please listen and tonight we will have some fun."

A video posted on YouTube (see above) shows a pair of teens being interviewed when a sizable group of fans begin chasing -- through traffic, past helpless police -- after a car presumably transporting the singer.

A planned press conference for Norwegian journalists had to be canceled after fans caught wind and showed up in droves. According to the NRK news service, mobile usage in the city's center has spiked and slowed overall service.

Police official Kare Stølen is quoted in an Norwegian-English translation of the NRK story as saying the "concert should be held somewhere other than roof of the Opera, which has clear space limitations." Earlier, police reportedly considered canceling the event because of the chaotic scene around the Opera house.

A security officer identified as Kato Stokkan said that "about 15 girls passed out" at one point.