Cat Power Postpones European Tour, Cites Illness
Cat Power Postpones European Tour, Cites Illness

After dropping Twitter hints about a new album in April, indie-rock songstress Cat Power is officially returning in September with a new album. "Sun" will hit stores on Sept. 4 through Matador Records, but the first taste of the album, "Ruin," hit YouTube on Monday (June 18), and is now available to download.

The YouTube clip for "Ruin" features Cat Power turning the word 'Ruin' into an inspired piece of graffiti, while sporting a close-cropped haircut that's a stark change from her previously long-flowing locks. "Ruin" is one of Cat Power's bounciest pop tracks to date, with an underlying snarl reminiscent of "You Are Free" standout "He War."

Cat Power (real name: Chan Marshall) produced the entirety of "Sun," which follows 2006's "The Greatest" and 2008's "Jukebox," the latter of which was a covers album featuring riffs on James Brown, Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan songs. Marshall recorded the new album in a studio she built in Malibu, among other locations.

Here is the track list to "Sun":

1. Cherokee
2. Sun
3. Ruin
4. 3,6,9
5. Always On My Own
6. Real Life
7. Human Being
8. Manhattan
9. Silent Machine
10. Nothin But Time
11. Peace And Love