Wonder Girls Say English Album to 'Come Out Very Soon!'
Wonder Girls Say English Album to 'Come Out Very Soon!'

Wonder Girls have truly proven what a force they are in K-Pop with their latest "Wonder Party" EP. After a lengthy period spent touring and learning English in America, the group made their comeback in late 2011 with the former K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1 "Be My Baby." While there was a ton of hype for them to come back to South Korea, could they do it again so soon?

Despite big competition from other popular groups like BIGBANG, IU, and f(x), it turns out they could with the fivesome earning another No. 1 on this week's K-Pop Hot 100 chart with new single "Like This" pushing BIGBANG from the top. With synthetic handclaps and vocal chants, the track can be likened as an updated version of Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied."

The upbeat hip-hop track has a lively music video to accompany it as Wonder Girls decided to leave the usual elaborate set designs of most K-pop videos and head into the real world. With a flashmob dance theme, "Like This" has everyone from young kids to senior citizens dancing. That video has already racked over seven million views. The girls have kept this energy up in live performances of this fun single which has also earned the girls several music program wins. As a juxtaposition to the youthfulness of "Like This," their sensual "Girlfriend" track is at No. 26 on the chart.

Popular girl group f(x) are also proving themselves with their comeback track "Electric Shock." As promotions began, the group rose from No. 7 to No. 2 this week. The dance track that compares love to an electric shock has a simple, repetitive chorus with the five members showcasing both fierce and soft vocals. f(x) took a year hiatus (though they did perform in both New York and Los Angeles), but their comeback has proven strong with their music video earning over 12 million views so far.

Busker Busker recently made clear how beneficial competing on "Superstar K" can be for an act. And they were only the runner-ups of Season 3. This week's biggest debut comes from the season's champion, ULALA SESSION, with "Goodbye Day" in the No. 4 slot. The jarring love ballad that reads as a letter to the person the singer loves has an equally emotional music video to accompany it. Upon successfully releasing their album, the group has recently revealed that they had rejected offers to sign with YG (home of BIGBANG and 2NE1) and SM Entertainment (Girls' Generation, f(x), and TVXQ) before their debut.

There may be a battle of the girl groups next week with Wonder Girls and f(x) still both actively promoting for that top spot. As well, popular group After School is making their comeback after a year of focusing on Japan. The group is currently on another Billboard chart at No. 20 on the Japan Hot 100 with their single "Lady Luck." But could ULALA SESSION snatch that title next week? Check back when the charts are refreshed on Thursdays.