Madonna's Fashion Evolution: 50 Iconic Looks
Madonna's Fashion Evolution: 50 Iconic Looks

7. 'Hung Up'


Cleaving to a retro-70s vibe (after all it does feature an ABBA-inspired passage), the video for this 2005 hit finds Madonna in full Dancing Queen mode, lugging a giant boom box to a paneled basement rec room dance studio to boogie in a leotard in heels, while in the future-present, a gaggle of urban athletes parkeur off the sides of buildings to her beats. What's not to love?

6. 'Girl Gone Wild'


Holding it's own in your hearts among almost 30 years of her videos, Madonna's most recent single earns a place of honor in your top ten, pulling in nearly five percent of the vote, which is especially impressive when you consider there were over 50 choices.

5. 'Bedtime Story'


Madge's mid-90s foray into throbbing, electronic-touched pop came accompanied by director Mark Romanek's slick futuristic vision of a spacey dreamworld populated by a dove-birthing Madonna and whirling dervishes, visuals that earned it almost 5% of your votes.

4. 'Express Yourself'


Invoking the industrial, expressionist tropes of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Madonna (literally) dances atop the machinery of sexual politics in director David Fincher's stylish 1989 call to arms to the women of the world, shouting, "Come on girls! Do you believe in love?!"