Young Rappers Go Viral with 'Hot Cheetos & Takis'

Young Rappers Go Viral with 'Hot Cheetos & Takis'

The Internet's next viral hip-hop collective has arrived.

A school-aged group dubbed Y.N.Rich Kids have gone viral with their video for "Hot Cheetos & Takis," a posse cut ode to junk food that features a shouted "snack! snack! snack!" where other MCs might opt for "swag."

The video has notched over 394,000 views since Aug. 6. Its age-appropriate lyrics include "hands red like Elmo" and heading to the store for more of the colorful Cheetos, with a line about "I go H.A.M./in the grocery store" the only trace of profanity.

But the schoolyard song is only one of many from the Y.N.RichKids project, created by the Minneapolis North Community YMCA's Beats and Rhymes program. The group, and colleagues the NSJ Crew, have numerous albums available for free download on Bandcamp.

Watch "Hot Cheetos & Takis" below. Are the kids ready to take on the hip-hop charts?