Two Door Cinema Club Talk 'Beautiful, Atmospheric' New Album: Watch
Two Door Cinema Club Talk 'Beautiful, Atmospheric' New Album: Watch

With a breakthrough debut under their belts, Two Door Cinema Club's "Beacon" led them to Jacknife Lee.

TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB The sophomore album, due Sept. 4 on Glassnote, found the indie trio traveling up the windy road to the veteran producer's ( U2, R.E.M.) Topanga Canyon studio, where they worked at a regionally appropriate pace rather than the brief weeks of making 2010's "Tourist History."

"We were maybe a little bit nervous, we'd never worked with a big-name producer before," bassist Kevin Baird told "He just let us discover for ourselves where we want to push the songs."

"This time, we had only a couple of months to write the songs but much longer in the studio," frontman Alex Trimble added. "It was really exciting to go in and not know what we were doing this time."

The material includes lead single "Sleep Alone," a song at turns atmospheric and anthemic. The Irish group says the set was influenced by their months on the road, which included stops at the Glastonbury and Coachella music festivals as well as a run of dates with label mates Phoenix.

"We've really concentrated on capturing one certain feel or one certain moment in time," Trimble said, "and making the music bring us back to that day."