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Marshall Crenshaw to Release EP Series Via Subscription

Marshall Crenshaw Wants You to Subscribe to His New Music

Marshall Crenshaw is preparing for a fall launch for some new music, which he'll release via a special subscription series.

The singer, songwriter and guitarist -- who is this year celebrating the 30th anniversary of his debut album -- plans to release a fresh three-song EP every four months for the next two years. Each will include a brand new song, a newly recorded cover and a "re-imagined" version of one of his older tunes. The EPs will be released by Crenshaw himself, on 10-inch, 45 rpm vinyl and via downloads. The first disc, which he hopes will hit in September, will include the new "I Don't See You Laughing Now," a rendition of the Move's "No Time" and a live version of "There She Goes Again" recorded in Chicago with the Bottle Rockets.

"The full-on album-making process doesn't appeal to me anymore," Crenshaw explains to Billboard. "Rather than stockpile a dozen songs, which for me can take a long time, and then shove them out at once and have that be the end of it... I just think this'll be more fun, and a greater kind of motivating situation for me. The idea that I can create something and then have it out relatively quickly and have a sustained period where there's new stuff coming out on a regular basis, that sounds really great. I just think it has all kinds of upsides. The idea is just to create something really nice."

Crenshaw -- whose last studio album, "Jaggedland," came out in 2009 -- says he has a "a lot of recordings in progress, maybe 50 percent of it under way now that'll take the whole thing through the first four (EPs). And it's nice. It's good stuff."

He says that "down the road" he'll consider making the EPs available via Internet retail sites, but for now he plans to focus on the subscription program. Crenshaw celebrated the 30th anniversary of his first single, "Something's Gonna Happen," last year, but he's aware that some celebration of 1982's "Marshall Crenshaw" is in order. The 12-song set is his most successful album, with a six-month run on the Top 200 chart and the single "Someday, Someway" peaking at No. 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. An expanded edition was released in 2000.

"With the passage of time...it's a little freaky, I guess," Crenshaw notes. "It was just such a whirlwind at first, really almost impossible to get a handle on. But it was exciting and great. And if you told me back then I would achieve the kind of longevity I have and described in detail how things were going to turn out 30 years down the road, I think I would've been very happy. It would've saved me a lot of terror and fear of failure and insomnia back then."