MTV VMAs 2012: Photos from the Show
VMA fans take a brief break from pop music to share a moment with members of the "Twilight" team (L-R): actors Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, director Bill Condon and actors Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Jackson Rathbone.

Rihanna won Video of the Year. One Direction took home three Moonmen and performed what they considered to be "the best show of their life." Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose announced a bundle of joy on the way. U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas popped on stage with Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift closed out the night with a performance that was the furthest thing from country. The 2012 VMAs kept us entertained from the comfort of our homes, however, not all the action was televised.


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Here are 15 things that happened before, during, and after the show that the camera did not capture.

Video from the MTV VMA Red Carpet

1. A Publicity Stunt - Jeff Dye, who hosts MTV's late night prank show, Money From Strangers took 300 (of his own) one dollar bills and was running around the carpet "making it rain" (do people still do that? And with $1's?) on the crowd. He told Billboard that he was promoting his show and simultaneously impersonating Adam Levine. "I told people I was Adam and I gave them money. I'm sure I made their day…maybe their year!"

2. A Boy Band's Brush With Death - One Direction thought they were doing a good deed when they walked off the red carpet and up a barricade of screaming fans. Their footsteps ignited a massive riot and at least 15 security guards ran over and formed a three-layer wall to keep the barricade from snapping under the pressure. Fans attempted fence dives for a chance to touch their idols. One of the gates came undone and a few escaped and were able to snag a hug and an autograph out of the situation. They were escorted out, in tears of oblivion as a crowd rushed to repair the barricade. It was almost the end of One Direction.

3. Sloppy Seconds - Immediately after the One Direction chaos was restored, The Wanted walked over to the same crowd to snatch up their leftovers. The crowd reaction was lackluster in comparison and no tears of joy were shed for the British-Irish boy band. Ironically, one of the press sheets that was handed out before the show had a photo of The Wanted on it with a caption that read "One Direction." You can fool them on paper but not in person.

4. A Pre Pyro Warning - Before the celebs started arriving, various publicist from MTV warned the press on hand that during the pre-show concert, there were going to be pyrotechnics, so we weren't to be alarmed. One PR rep said "think 'Hunger Games.'" Still we were not prepared. When Demi Lovato took the stage, a slew of pyro went off. The flames were violent and unexpected and artists jumped in shock during the first installment. The "more important" area of the carpet got clogged as celebs were reluctant to cross the road, dodge the fire, and head into the Staples Center. Jay-Z protégée, Rita Ora and her sparkly outfit took refuge in the corner, surrounded by a sea of publicists.

5. A Two-Tiered Carpet on a Steamy Afternoon - The theme of the night from nearly every guy we talked to was "I'm burning up in this suit." (It was 80+ degrees outside, with a high of 88.) Unlike last year, when the red carpet was actually inside (and thus, air conditioned), this year the press line was housed in a custom-built, double-decker structure. (Luckily, for the important outlets like Billboard, it was shaded) The talent had to run the gauntlet outside, starting with MTV in the first position and then winding their way down the second level, before descending to the first floor. Then after that, the red carpet picked up on the hot asphalt in the street between the Nokia Theater and Staples Center, where it winded through a sea of bloggers and fans.

6. Extreme Carpeting/Stairs in Heels - Billboard was stationed right next to one of the metal stairways that were erected to get the celebrities up and down the second floor of the press structure. We felt for the ladies who were dressed to the nines, wearing heels a mile high, as they carefully maneuvered the stairwell. With so many dresses made out of flowy material - and so many shoes that were at least 4 inches tall - it's a wonder no one slipped and tumbled. Though we did closely watch Miley Cyrus and a bedazzled Nicki Minaj - among others - successfully come out of the stairway to the press unharmed (They're old pros at this by now).

7. Glee Goes Electric - When we were about to speak to Hot Chelle Rae's Nash Overstreet, his younger brother Chord (of "Glee") was distracted by the massive amounts of confetti that were streaming down into the press structure from outside. (That's what happens with an explosive pre-show is happening just a few hundred feet away.) Luckily, we got Chord's attention and found out that he recently got an electric scooter. Where does he plug it in at? His trailer on the set of "Glee" of course. (Would you believe he bought it from Evidently, they deliver electric scooters.)

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