Lady Gaga Enlists Fans to Mix 'Stache' Song: Listen

September 22: Lady Gaga shows off her new look while leaving the 'Park Hyatt Paris Vendome' hotel in Paris, France.

Lady Gaga is beginning to reveal possible elements of "ARTPOP."

The pop star shared a "#soundpuzzle" on her Little Monsters site, asking fans to combine a Gaga a cappella track with electronic artist Zedd's "Stache."

The resulting fan-"solved" track features Gaga singing "Where's my 'stache?" over a heavy, throbbing EDM beat. "DJ Zedd," she says toward the end of the song. "Let's party/Let's get messed up."

The young producer joined Gaga's Asian tour this spring and produced two remixes, of "Marry the Night" and the album's title track, for her special edition of "Born This Way."

It may not be the last challenge for Gaga's little monsters. "ARTPOP," due in early 2013, is expected to be released as an interactive app, presenting more opportunities for fan involvement.

Hear the Gaga-Zedd-fan collaboration below: