The Wanted Plays Espionage in 'I Found You' Video: Watch

The Wanted, behind-the-scenes at the Billboard Live Q&A, April 2012.See more: The Best of 2012: The Year in Music

Pity the poor souls that try to keep The Wanted boys from getting what they… er, want. The new video for fresh single "I Found You" finds the quintet very easily confounding their enemies, whether it be through irresistible falsetto, brute force or Nathan's soft but deceptive lips.

The Wanted, out for another smoldering slow-motion stroll with their dog, are soon suavely breaking and entering into the basement of what appears to be a British lair. Soon, the boys are handedly beating the snot out of a group of goons -- check out Max throw a dude across a table with pure vitriol in his eyes -- before Nathan stumbles upon a beautiful woman with a gag in her mouth, sitting on the floor in the back room.

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Naturally, Nathan sings at her and delivers a quick kiss before taking a key and… nope, not unlocking her handcuffs! Instead he and the boys leave, and use the key to unlock a metal case… at the bottom of a river… filled with diamonds! All's well that ends well.

"I Found You" is the first single off The Wanted's next full-length album, which will be the group's first in the U.S. following April's self-titled debut EP. The album has yet to receive a title or release date. Next up for the gents is a radio tour in their native U.K., which kicks off next Tuesday (Oct. 23).