Kid Rock Finally Hits iTunes With 'Rebel Soul'

Kid Rock, Church Giving Holiday Gifts in Hometown

Kid Rock's new album, "Rebel Soul," due Nov. 19, is up on iTunes as a pre-order, marking the first time (apart from a soundtrack appearance) that the artist's music has been available in that store.

The album, which will bow on a Monday, is posted with a price of $9.99, with two versions available, the explicit version and the regular version; the news was first reported in Hits. So far, there is no sign of a deluxe version on the site.

While sources suggest that the longtime iTunes holdout has finally relented and agreed to allow the service to sell the album on a track-by-track basis too, so far just one track is available for sale, "Let's Ride," priced at $1.29 (which isn't unusual before an album's street date).

One source familiar with the situation told that the artist could "no longer ignore how much money he was leaving on the table."

For example, Taylor Swift's "Red" was released last week and sold 1.2 million units, and her tracks scanned another 4.5 million units, including "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," which has moved 2.4 million units of them.

Kid Rock has sold his albums albums digitally through merchants like Amazon MP3's store -- his "Born Free" title has scanned 69,000 digital album units to date, and "Rock 'n' Roll Jesus" has scanned 40,000 -- but those albums are only available in their entirety, not on a track-by-track basis.

Now that his new album will be available on iTunes, Atlantic Records and Kid Rock's management are presumably negotiating to make his catalog debut on the store an event, which will probably happen sometime after the new album debuts, some industry sources speculate. If and when that happens, the other digital merchants may also get the ability to sell on a per-track basis, but probably after an iTunes exclusive window, the sources further speculated.

Atlantic Records, iTunes and Rock's management company were not available for comment at press time.