'Wreck-It Ralph' Composer Talks Skrillex, 8-Bit Authenticity: Watch

'Wreck-It Ralph' Composer Talks Skrillex, 8-Bit Authenticity: Watch

"Wreck-It Ralph" may have been inspired by classic 8-bit arcade games, but box office-topping film made sure to make room for more modern sounds -- including EDM superstar Skrillex.

"Musically you're describing very different situations," composer Henry Jackman told Billboard.com at the 2012 Billboard & Hollywood Reporter Film & TV and Music Conference. "There's actually some pretty authentic Namco-style 8-bit music. I was doing my research to see what the frequency response was on the chips on a Pac-Man game to make sure it wasn't too hi-fi."

But the wide-ranging film, which collects characters from throughout gaming history, also required some heavier bits.

"The Skrillex track's great -- Wreck-It Ralph finds himself out of his normal video game and his normal territory," Jackman explained of "Bug Hunt." "There's this really hard-hitting dubstep tune that Skrillex does and it really accentuates how completely out of depth [Ralph is] -- he's been used to a much more fluffy kind of a world."

"The score has a lot of synth and electronic elements in it -- you didn't hear the screech of brakes and in comes a record," he continued. "Hopefully it's all in the same space."

Next, the composer, who's also worked on "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and the forthcoming "G.I. Joe" sequel, will turn his attention to a less kid-friendly flick.

"I'm just starting to look at a comedy, an R-rated comedy, directed by Seth Rogen and Adam Goldberg," he said, the apocalyptic "The End of the World." "It's an interesting combination of comedy and outrageous horror."