Schools Of Rock: Music Business College Guide
Schools Of Rock: Music Business College Guide

music schools in the south

Appalachian State University

Location: Boone, N.C.
Tuition: $16,487/year
Department Head: Kim L. Wangler
Courses of Interest: "Music Merchandising and Entrepreneurship," "Legal Issues in the Music Industry"
Average Class Size: 15-20
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: Split Rail Records
University/Program Admission Rate: 63%/20%-30%

The Music Industry Studies program is partnered with the Walker College of Business, and all majors receive a minor in business as well as a major in music industry. The program has students attend major music industry conferences every year, including those by the Music and Entertainment Educators Assn., NAMM and the Audio Engineering Assn. During senior year, students attend a meet-and-greet with industry professionals in Atlanta or Nashville.

Belmont University

Location: Nashville
Tuition: $23,680/year
Courses of Interest: "Legal Issues in the Music Industry," "Music Business Strategies"
Average Class Size: 25
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: "The Insider's View" seminar series, "CEMB Showcase Series"
University/Program Admission Rate: 77%/unspecified

Delta State University

Location: Cleveland, Miss.
Tuition: In-state, $4,852; out-of-state, $12,558
Program Director/Department Head: Tricia Walker
Courses of Interest: "The Craft of Songwriting," "Indie Music Entrepreneurship"
Average Class Size: 10-15
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: DMI Student Engineering Club, DMI Production Services, Fighting Okra Records
University/Program Admission Rate: 24%/N/A

The Delta Music Institute in the College of Arts and Sciences at Delta State University offers a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies (music and entertainment industry studies) and a Bachelor of Arts in music (sound recording technology) with an emphasis in music production. For the Bachelor of Science degree, students pursue two or three subject-area concentrations that represent the academic interests they wish to integrate into a meaningful program. The Bachelor of Arts integrates music theory, music history and individual performance, as well as playing in ensembles.

Elizabeth City State University

Location: Elizabeth City, N.C.
Tuition: $18,372/year
Department Heads: Wellington Gordon, Douglas Jackson
Courses of Interest: "Audio Engineering," "Multimedia and Music"
Average Class Size: five
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: University Outreach, Campus Connection
University/Program Admission Rate: 70%/N/A

Elizabeth City State University offers a Bachelor of Arts in music with concentrations in either recording technology or music business. The University Outreach program helps students reinforce their music production skills by mentoring local high school students who are interested in the field. Summer internships offer students the opportunity to get industry experience.

Full Sail University

Location: Winter Park, Fla.
Tuition: $53,000/year
Department Head: Dana Roun
Courses of Interest: "Music Distribution," "Record Label Development"
Average Class Size: 25
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: Discussion panels,
various music-related clubs
Admission Rate: Open admission

Full Sail's Music Business program covers creative and financial concepts that promote clients' and artists' careers, including marketing, accounting, intellectual property, artist and product management, publishing and distribution. A Bachelor of Science offers both online and on-campus curriculum; guest speakers have included Stevie Wonder, Chris Kirkpatrick, Chuck D, George Clinton and Eddie Kramer.

Georgia State University

Location: Atlanta
Tuition: $26,908/year
Department Head: Frederick J. Taylor
Courses of Interest: "Marketing and Branch Sales in the Music Industry"
Average Class Size: 38
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: MEISA
University/Program Admission Rate: 41%/58%

The Bachelor of Science in music management prepares students for a variety of management-related careers in the music industry, in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. Graduates may work in a range of capacities at record labels and distributors or in artist and concert management, retail sales or music publishing. All students complete at least one internship with a commercial firm or nonprofit agency as part of their program. An audition is required for admission.

Loyola University

Location: New Orleans
Tuition: $31,504/year
Department Head: John Snyder
Courses of Interest: "Legal Issues in the Music Industry," "Music Enterprises Cash Management"
Average Class Size: 22
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: Music Business Club
University/Program Admission Rate: 58%/60%

The Music Industry Studies program integrates music theory and performance classes with music industry courses. Students can graduate with one of three music industry studies degrees: a Bachelor of Music that focuses on performance, a Bachelor of Science that targets music technology or a music business-based Bachelor of Arts. Past speakers include Pandora founder Tim Westergren and composer Terence Blanchard.

University of Georgia

Location: Athens, Ga.
Tuition: $26,946/year
Department Head: David Barbe
Courses of Interest: "Emerging Issues in the Music Business"
Average Class Size: Varies
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: Internships, major-label bands performing on campus
University/Program Admission Rate: 54%/unspecified

The University of Georgia gives students a mixture of Athens' thriving rock scene and Atlanta's hip-hop and R&B genre. The UGA Music Business Program is fairly new, having launched in 2006, but has rapidly become one of the most sought-after majors at the college.

University of Memphis

Location: Memphis
Tuition: $20,856/year
Department Head: Jeff Cline
Courses of Interest: "Record Company Operations," "Internet Marketing"
Average Class Size: 10
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: MEISA, Tigers of Phoenix Records, Grammy University
University/Program Admission Rate: 67%/unspecified

University of Memphis students are educated in multichannel, high-definition audio capture and reproduction; audio and accompanying visual content systems; audio and performance considerations for the Web; and alternate delivery streams and mechanisms. The university has an exchange program with European schools to allow students to participate in the global music and media market.

University of Miami

Location: Miami
Tuition: $37,836/year
Courses of Interest: "Analysis of Music Industry Agreements," "Royalties in the Music Industry"
Average Class Size: 20
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: Student-run record label Cane, Cat 5 Music Publishing
University/Program Admission Rate: 41%/unspecified

University of Northern Alabama

Location: Florence, Ala.
Tuition: $12,218/year
Department Head: Bob Garfrerick
Courses of Interest: "Music Publishing"
Average Class Size: 19
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: MEISA
University/Program Admission Rate: 82%/N/A

The University of Northern Alabama has a student record label called Singing River Records with a state-of-the-art recording studio. Students have a common core curriculum, then choose between two areas of emphasis: entertainment business or entertainment technology. They are required to select a minor in music, business or communications.

Visible School

Location: Memphis
Tuition: $17,400/year
Department Head: George Baldwin
Courses of Interest: "Music Marketing," "Leadership and Artist Management"
Average Class Size: five
Relevant Extracurricular Activities: Junior and senior internships, Grammy University
Admission Rate: N/A

Visible School is a music and worship arts college that trains and equips musicians, technicians and business professionals in skills and character for effective service in the arts industries and in the church.

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