Schools Of Rock: Music Business College Guide
Schools Of Rock: Music Business College Guide

It used to be that the school of hard knocks was enough to land you a gig in the music business-but no longer. With the contraction of the industry increasing the competition for jobs and the advent of ever-evolving digital technologies, graduates need a strong foundation in business to start on an executive track. Here, Billboard presents our first guide to the nation's music business schools and the innovative educators who are guiding the students of the industry.

The State of Music Schools 2011

App Developers = Tomorrow's Rock Stars

Inside The School Of Rock

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Reported and compiled by Courtney Baldasare, Walter Frazier, Emma Gaedeke, Elizabeth Hurst, Gabriella Landman, Palika Makam, Jillian Mapes, Craig Marks and Megan Vick.