Top 20 Tweets of the Week: 11/27/10

Here's our round-up of singers', rockers' and rappers' 20 coolest and funnest tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @billboarddotcom to your favorite music retweets (and don't forget to follow us!)

@justinbieber :dear youtube...we started this journey and now u r cheatin on me with this vevo chica...i see how it is...i will be over here with facebook.
@Lady Gaga: Why were my Thanksgiving tweets removed. Dear Twitter Censor, is it because I called my casserole a bitch? Or because I said Brooklyn? #help!
@NICKIMINAJ :Thanx again to : Rihanna, Kanye, Drake, Keyshia Cole, & Busta 4 cmn out on my show last nite! S/O to Fab, Lloyd Banks, & Juelz as well!!!
@Perez Hilton :It's November and I still... whip my hair back and forth!
@adamlambert :@rihanna MAN DOWN and COMPLICATED are sooo sick!! My favs

@Drizzy Drake :Ricky Rozay has the nicest bars right now.

@Questo of The Roots :@TEYANATAYLOR forgot to say great job the other night. totally wasn't expecting you to perform at ye show.
@TEYANA M.J. TAYLOR :for all the haters who dont understand or appriciate real music, I purposely sung in opera for my "dark fantasy" performance wit Ye... so pls if u dont like it u can eat my shorts! lol & stop taking out ur precious time to comment about me if u really dont care thank you :)
@Bon Iver :Congrats to @KanyeWest! 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' is out today, featuring @blobtower on 6 songs. Pick it up!
@Rihanna :congrats in advance to my bro Kanye on #MyBeautifulDarkTwistedFantasy What a work of art, genius album!
@Britney Spears : Awwww! Thanks @justinbieber! So glad you like my perfume on the ladies. -Britney
@â"'â"´Ñµâ"¯J∆¥ ÆLECT®ΩNIC∆ (Jay Electronica) : When i was a child, i had a fever. My hands felt just like 2 balloons.
@WAVVES : about as drunk as i would be in the US on a normal thanksgiving..only difference my aunt isn't asking @SteviePopJr about his sex life..
@dıpןo (Diplo): How come I think Every azn dude with an australian accent is tryin 2 rob me m8
@A-Trak : I hope friday's Dipset reunion show also involves a Dipskate revival. I wanna see some in-line skating with an urban twist.
@Yoko Ono : Write down your wishes on a piece of paper. Read them after a year. Read them after 10 years. Read them after 20 years.
@Rivers Cuomo : I need to schedule some unscheduled time in my schedule.
@Sugarland : Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for Heroes. The ones with capes and the ones without. They remind me of the power of hope. -K
@ErykahBadu : in every relationship, sometimes we lead with love ...sometimes we lead with fear.
@Ghostface Killah : Clean your ass with the best soap. The best soap from the heavens above nigga. That's Dove!~lmbaoooooo
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