'American Idol' Judges, Seacrest Dish on New Season to Jay Leno

'American Idol' Moves from Hollywood to Las Vegas

New "American Idol" judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, mainstay Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest took over late night TV Monday night (Jan. 10), appearing together on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to reveal what they're looking for in contestants this season and play nice before the competition heats up.

Video: "American Idol" Judges on "Jay Leno," Pt. 1

The extended interview, during which Lopez and Tyler were easily the most talkative of the bunch, provided more pressing information besides fart jokes (although there were those, too). Tyler revealed that he had never seen "Americal Idol" before considering the judge spot, and also that Aerosmith would start work on its next record this month and possibly tour in November or December. Additionally, his name-dropping of Janis Joplin when dicussing his ideal "Idol" contestant suggests he might be looking to literally rock the show.

Video: "American Idol" Judges on "Jay Leno," 1/10/2011, Pt. 2

Lopez, meanwhile, admitted that her "Idol" spot is the "easiest job [she's] ever had" and said she's looking for the "total package" in "Idol" contestants. Additionally, she revealed that her album "Love" would finally see the light of day soon.

Video: "American Idol" Judges on "Jay Leno," 1/10/2011, Pt. 3

The group even let the fart jokes fly, with Ryan Seacrest jesting, "We thought Mr. Tyler had an issue with passing gas," later admitting that it was just a "fart machine" that Tyler carries around for bloopers.

Besides the obvious change on the panel, Seacrest said that online voting will "hopefully" be a possibility for the tenth season, and the group discussed the show's new lower age minimum of 15 for contestants (surely a Bieber-inspired move).

Judging from these clips and the few "Idol" promos that have aired thus far, Lopez's judging style could turn out to be, unsurprisingly, softer than the oft-candid Steven Tyler's, while it's safe to say that Randy Jackson will maintain his even-keeled chillness, dog.

The tenth season of "American Idol" kicks off next Wednesday (Jan. 19) on Fox.