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Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber's first priority in 2011 is not to make new music, but to release his first film: "Never Say Never," a 3-D film documenting his rise to fame, is slated for a Feb. 11 theatrical release. But the 16-year-old has devoted as much time as his nationwide tour has allowed to recording new material, with an eye toward releasing the follow-up to his breakthrough "My World" albums by the end of 2011.

Among the names already attached to the project are Ne-Yo, who said in October that he has written songs for Bieber with the goal of illuminating the singer's maturity. "He just needs tangible records, the kind of records that will grow with him and allow his fans to grow with him," Ne-Yo said.

One song recorded for consideration to appear on the album-"Latin Girl," a track produced by JHype and Goodwill & MGI and written by Bieber himself, according to a source-is now unlikely to appear on the final version since leaking in November. Additionally, Bieber has confirmed a collaboration with Rascal Flatts, and manager Scooter Braun said in January that Kanye West spoke with Bieber "about a song they're trying to work on together. Kanye wants to produce a bunch of new songs for his new album." Which of these collaborations will actually end up on one of the most anticipated releases of the year? Stay tuned.

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