Motorhead Singer Talks New Album, 'Motherf**ker' Movie

Motorhead's Kilmister Talks New HeadCat Album, Beatles Influence

With albums coming from both his bands and a biographical documentary due out on DVD, one can understand why Lemmy Kilmister feels "we're going pretty good at the moment."

The iconic Motorhead founder and leader is basking in the raised profile of "Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son of a Bitch," Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski's frank and gritty look at his life story and lifestyle. The film debuted at last year's South By Southwest Film Festival and is currently in theatrical showings before an expanded DVD release on Feb. 15.

"Well, it's not too embarrassing," Lemmy tells about the film. "I didn't have to leave the fucking theater before the lights came on, so it's OK. I learned I look a lot older than I thought I did, but it's... pretty good." He's also looking forward to the DVD version of "Lemmy," whose three-plus hours of bonus footage will include a featurette called "The Sweet Side of Lemmy." "It's quite good, actually. I think the extra bits are just as good as the movie," Lemmy notes.

As for those who are disarmed by the film's revelation about his extensive collection of military and particularly Nazi paraphernalia from World War II, Lemmy is unapologetic: "Let's face it, it isn't skinheads and shit collecting this stuff. It's too expensive. This is doctors and lawyers collecting it... And I didn't collect any of the ideology, believe me. I've got friends of all colors and religious persuasions. I ain't got a racist bone in my body."

With the film out and about, Lemmy and his Motorhead mates are turning their attention back towards making music and rolling out their next album, "The World is Öurs," on Feb. 8. The trio recorded in Los Angeles and Wales with producer Cameron Webb, who helmed Motorhead's last three albums and who Lemmy says is "really good at getting our secret wishes onto tape."

"We set out to make a Motorhead record," Lemmy explains. "We're pretty simplistic. We do Motorhead music the best you'll ever hear it. We do a couple of sidetracks now and again, but not on this album. This album's pretty straightforward."

Motorhead hits the road on Jan. 25 for a North American tour that stretches into March, after which the group will play in Australia and South America and then spend the summer in Europe. Europe is also where Motorhead's new wine brand has been a quick success, although Lemmy takes some credit for tweaking the product in its initial stages.

"The guy brought it down to a show, proudly, and I said, 'Ooh, sorry man, I don't drink red wine,' " Lemmy recalls. "So he had to go away and make some other stuff. It's rose I drink, or white. I never drink red. (Guitarist) Phil Campbell drinks red, so I gave him the bottle."

Some time this year Lemmy also plans to release "Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk," a new album by Head Cat, his rockabilly band with the Stray Cats' Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B. Harvey of the Rockats and Lonesome Spurs. The set, also produced by Webb, features mostly covers -- including Elvis Presley's "Trying to Get to You," Eddie Cochran's "Somethin' Else," Webb Pierce's "I Ain't Never" and Larry Williams' "Bad Boy" -- plus two originals, "American Beat" and "The Eagle Flies on Friday."

"We'll do a few shows when Motorhead aren't working," Lemmy says, "which isn't time for many shows. But we'll do some. We have a lot of fun."