Royal Bangs

Genre: Rock

When your homespun debut catches the attention of a member of the Black Keys-so much so that he reissues it on his own label two years later-good things lie ahead. Such is the case for Knoxville, Tenn., rockers Royal Bangs, whose first and second albums were released through Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney's small independent label Audio Eagle. After making the rounds on the festival side-stage circuit in 2010, the band caught the attention of Glassnote. The label will release Royal Bangs' third full-length, "Flux Outside," on March 29. On first listen, the band sounds like an amalgamation of garage rock and Animal Collective, as singer/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Schaefer channels both in his vocals, but there's something more complicated brewing underneath. A dark experimental twinge, layered atop a jangly guitar, keeps things noisy-a feat the trio will re-create on its mini solo tour this winter.

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