Maná: The Billboard Cover Story
Maná: The Billboard Cover Story

Fher Olvera, lead singer of Mexican rock quartet Maná, lived with the music for weeks. Then a story came to him: A medieval nun cloistered behind convent walls falls deeply in love with a priest. Her passion is finally punished with death.

"I can't say exactly where I got the idea to write a song about this," Olvera says. "But I'd read a while ago a passage by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the poet nun who cut her hair and who fell profoundly in love. And I also saw a movie where the nun and the priest fall in love and they're shot to death. It's very magical how the music just leads you in different directions."

Music may lead Maná into sometimes surreal subject matter - but the essence of the Latin rock band made up of Olvera, drummer Alex Gonzalez, guitarist Sergio Vallin and bassist Juan Diego Calleros has remained constant for the past 20 years.