'American Idiot' Broadway Sales Plummet After Green Day Frontman Exits

Billie Joe Armstrong makes his Broadway debut as 'St. Jimmy' in 'American Idiot' at the St. James Theater in NYC on Sept. 28.

Broadway's "American Idiot" saw a steep dropoff in ticket sales following the departure of special guest star Billie Joe Armstrong.

In the first week following the exit of Amstrong -- who fronts the rock band Green Day, upon whose music the production was built around -- the show saw its weekly box-office grosses fall from $1.3 million to $395,275 for its standard eight performances through Sunday, the New York Times reports.

Billie Joe Armstrong Boosts 'American Idiot' Ticket Sales

That sort of dropoff typically leads to the closing of a Broadway show, the Times noted. A show rep declined to comment.

The Times notes that a slew of other cast members also have departed as their contracts came to an end, including Tony-winning star John Gallagher Jr. and Michael Esper.

Meanwhile, "American Idol" Season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini and AFI frontman Davey Havoc recently joined the cast.

Armstrong's presence typically boosted the grosses by 50 percent.