Raekwon: 'Charlie Sheen Is a Rich D*ck'


With Charlie Sheen's tabloid spree still dominating headlines and Twitter feeds everywhere, even Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon has an opinion on the now-former "Two and a Half Men" star.

"Charlie Sheen is a rich dick, man," Raekwon -- whose new album, "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang," is out today (Mar. 8) -- recently told Billboard.com's The Juice. "He's running around doing all this shit, and you know, he's got kids involved. I don't have anything against him. I just think when you handle yourself like that, when you're so much of a powerful man, it ain't cool.

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"When you're at a certain part of your life when you have children involved, and they gotta go to school and deal with that shit -- come on, man," Raekwon adds. "Wisen up man, straighten up man. You're getting $2 million an episode, B -- what the fuck?!"

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Raekwon also shared his motivations behind "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang," which features a long-awaited collaobration with Nas (on the song "Rich & Black") after the latter didn't come through for a guest spot on Raekwon's last album, 2009's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II." "It's a great look for the fans, 'cause they always wanted that," says Raekwon, who explains that there were never any hard feelings between the two MCs. "We're men of respect and we understand when certain things happen."

For more of Raekwon talking about how he reps for Shaolin, why he collaborated with Justin Bieber and what he thinks of people calling Odd Future "the new Wu-Tang Clan," check out his full Q&A with the Juice.

(Reporting by Rauly Ramirez)