Billboard's SXSW Showcases Upclose: Wednesday
Billboard's SXSW Showcases Upclose: Wednesday

We're set to invade Austin, Texas for this year's SXSW Music Festival, with four nights' worth of showcases at the Billboard Bungalow, housed at Buffalo Billiards (201 East 6th Street). We open our doors to SXSW badge-holders every night at 7 pm.

Gold Motel

Billboard Set Time: 8 PM
The group brings a blast of sunny California to its Windy City roots on its recently released 10-song debut, "Summer House." Singer/songwriter Greta Morgan, formerly of Pete Wentz's label signee the Hush Sound, decamped from her home in Chicago to Los Angeles, where she was inspired to write Gold Motel's '60s-styled, fun-in-the-sun pop music.

Video: "Perfect In My Mind," Gold Motel

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