Mashup Mondays: Best of 2011
Oh Land

We're set to invade Austin, Texas for this year's SXSW Music Festival, with four nights' worth of showcases at the Billboard Bungalow, housed at Buffalo Billiards (201 East 6th Street). We open our doors to SXSW badge-holders every night at 7 pm.

California Wives

Billboard Set Time: 8 PM
California Wives are neither from the Golden State nor share its sunshiny West Coast sensibilities. Rather, the Chicago-based quartet of Jason Kramer (guitar, vocals, keys), Dan Zima (bass, guitar, vocals), Hans Michel (guitar, keys) and Joe O'Connor (drums) has a sound built on taut post-punk rhythms and catchy new wave choruses, all bathed in a My Bloody Valentine shoegaze haze.

Video: "Twenty Three," California Wives

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