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Congratulations To Our Winners, Gentlemen Hall!

After scouting the U.S. to find the most promising unsigned bands, Billboard found three of the Northeast's best and your votes picked a finalist: Gentlemen Hall! The band has hit the road headed for Las Vegas in a car provided by Chevy to compete at our May 18 Battle of the Bands concert against the finalists from the other five regions and their charismatic two-vocalist assault catapulted the band into the winner's circle. As winners, Gentlemen Hall have scored an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards on May 22. Be sure to read about band's experience at the Battle of the Bands live showdown and their thoughts on taking home the title. Plus: scroll down to read a Battle of the Bands Q&A with Gentlemen Hall, hear some music, and more.

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"Our Love is All We Have"

Gentlemen Hall's BillboardPro Page

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Beware: Boston's Gentlemen Hall want to challenge your town's DJ to a dance-off.

Describe your sound and your audience in your own words.

We are an anthemic, electronic rock band. We hail from the biggest college town in the world and when we were starting the band, we quickly realized that kids were eagerly paying $20 to see DJs and dance but reluctantly paying $10 to see a live band. There was a gap there and we wanted to fill it. A band with good songs and big hooks -- that makes the people dance!

Tell us about your first gig ever -- just how awkward was it? And how has your live show evolved since then?

Ah yes -- We have come a long way. Our first gig was in the basement of a dirty college house party in the area. We had written a song the night before the gig that we were convinced we had to play but hadn't rehearsed -- we won't be doing that again. Ten seconds into the song, Jacob and Gavin forgot some lyrics, Rory's bass amp cut out, Seth was missing his synth parts. The song ended about halfway through in the most massive train wreck imaginable. We even heard someone from the crowd saying, 'Man, these guys were killing it all night until this crap!'

What's the strangest thing anyone has ever said about your band?

'Your music is like having sex with the universe.'

Why should you win this competition?

Coincidentally, all of our little league coaches had the same motto: 'Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.' We all still carry that with us today.

What's your next project?

We're launching our single at the end of May and our first album later this summer. We have a lot of great music in us and the best is yet to come. We are pretty impulsive and our plans beyond that are hard to predict!

If your band had to come up with a plan for total world domination in the next 10 seconds, what would it be?

Well, it's usually the fanatics or fascists that have this in mind… not too much room for world domination by pacifists who sing about peace and love. But Bono is pretty close, right? We'd have to team up with him. Hell, he even knows how to dismantle an atomic bomb!

Interview by Dan Weiss

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