Atomic Tom Follows Breakout Video by Touring, Writing New Material

Atomic Tom: iPhone Subway Concert Video 'Was Intentional'

Atomic Tom is planning "to tour for the rest of year" to support its debut album, "The Moment," according to frontman Luke White. But that won't preclude the Brooklyn quartet from working on its follow-up.

"We're constantly writing and recording," White tells "We're probably going to be in the studio in a month or so working on new material. But we also want to be out as much as we possibly can. We have some festivals lined up, South By Southwest and others, and we plan to do a second and third leg [in the U.S.] We want to build our fan base, reach as many people as we possibly can."

Atomic Tom: iPhone Subway Concert Video 'Was Intentional'

Atomic Tom has been doing that since physical copies of "The Moment" came out in November, nearly four months after its digital release. That, of course, came five years after the release of Atomic Tom's first EP, "Anthems For the Disillusioned," but White feels the group has made good use of the intervening years.

"The demos we put out in 2005 and 2007 I think, in retrospect, were really that -- demos, part of the growth of our songwriting and playing together," notes the former Berklee College of Music student and social media marketing freelancer. "By 2009 we felt like we had built our songwriting to a point where we could put stuff out we were really proud of. And now I think we're working as a team better. A lot of bands struggle with one person being kind of the alpha and doing everything, but in this band everybody wants to put in as much creative effort as possible, and as the next guy. It's a fully committed team."

And, White acknowledges, Atomic Tom is still benefiting from the single "Take Me Out" -- particularly the video, a viral sensation that the group filmed on the New York subway's B train, performing the song on iPhones.

"We thought, 'Where can we do this where there's a chance of all kinds of [stuff] going down," White recalls. "We decided on the B train, going over the Manhattan Bridge. It's six minutes between stops, which gave us time to perform the song. We spent four days in a rehearsal space figuring everything out, using the iPhones as raw audio. We did trial runs on a Thursday and actual takes on a Friday. The whole thing you see is the third take. We put it on YouTube early Friday and did not expect it to do what it did. It just blew us away."

The video has been viewed more than four million times on a variety of platforms and has "elevated our audience," according to White. "We're in this place and time where we recognize that as a band we need to create our own story," he explains. "We need to make our own story happen and do things that separate us from all the other noise out there."